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Finsauna ProHeat Electric Home Sauna Heater

(Wall-Mount Digital Control)

ProHeat Series
With Wall-Mount Digital Control

ProHeat Series Sauna Heaters are designed and engineered to deliver the highest quality Spa sauna heat available. Crafted from stainless steel, every component is sourced and assembled with meticulous attention to Spa sauna bathing safety.

Benefits from innovative AirFlow Technology (AFT) to reduce room heat-up times and achieve optimal sauna room heat. 

  • 45-pounds of sauna rock to produce a moisture-rich, comfortable sauna bathing heat

  • Industrial-grade stainless-steel heating elements for a lifetime of sauna pleasure

  • Utilizes HeatPad Environment Control Technology for the ultimate sauna bathing experience

  • Benefit from industry-leading sauna room temperatures and overheat protection redundancy

  • Change temperature, time & ventilation settings with the touch of a finger

  • Operates with an optional 24-hour, 7-day timeclock for scheduled heater operation

  • Achieve ultimate sauna control through a connection to a facility or home automation system

  • Have peace of mind with temperature timed shut-offs and user lock-out protection

  • Automatically pre-heat your sauna room so it's ready when you need it

  • UL-listed for unsurpassed quality and safety

  • ProHeat sauna units are designed for saunas measuring up to 425 cubic feet. 


  • PH300 - 3kW, 240V/1PH

  • PH450 - 4.5kW, 240V/1PH

  • PH600 - 6kW, 240V/1PH

  • PH800 - 8kW, 240V/1PH

  • PH600-3 - 6kW, 208V/3PH

  • PH800-3 - 8kW, 208V/3PH

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Designed for Quick and Efficient Heating:

Top View Home Heater.jpg
  • Stainless-Steel, Professional-Quality Heating Elements​

  • Ultra-Long Life Heating Elements

  • Large 45-Pound Rock Capacity

  • Direct Contact Between Rocks & Heating Elements

  • Open Air Flow Design for Maximum Heat Retention

  • Rapid Heat-Up Times

  • Even, Consistent Heat Distribution

  • Optimal Heat Transference & Efficiency

  • Energy-Efficient Technology

  • Designed For Ease of Maintenance

A Traditional Finnish Sauna Heater:

  • Triple-Wall Stainless-Steel Construction

  • Durable Stainless-Steel Interior & Exterior

  • Wall-Mounted for Compact Spaces

  • Traditional Electric Sauna Heater Design

  • Stylish Polished Chrome Color

  • Cooler Surface Temperatures

  • Designed, Engineered, & Made in Finland

  • UL-Listed

  • Warranty Information

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